If volunteers have signed up for a shift, or you've assigned volunteers, but the shift itself is no longer needed, you can cancel the shift. 

Click on the shift anywhere in the schedule and click 'Edit Shift'. In the top right corner of the Edit Shift pop-up, there's a dropdown that says 'Published'. Click on 'Published' and select 'Canceled'. Click Save Changes.

The shift will still appear in the schedule, but will be cancelled. It will show as empty, with a red icon to indicate it's status as a cancelled shift. To assign anyone to the shift, you will need to edit the shift again and change the status back to 'Published.'

Profile Card

In the profile card, volunteers who were confirmed for cancelled shifts will still have the shift in their Activity tab, but with the status 'Cancelled'.

Notifying Volunteers

When you cancel a volunteer, you will notice a yellow button is triggered to send them a confirmation notification. You can choose to not send this message by pressing the down arrow on the right side of the arrow. Please note that you need to do this right away as the messages will continue to add up if you are making more than one change to your schedule in a single session.

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