You can edit shift details, such as the shift reference, date and time, min/max, and waitlist settings by clicking on the shift in the schedule and selecting Edit Shift.

How do I change the location of a shift?
You can change a location from the Locations button in the toolbar of your schedule by clicking on the location you wish to change on the right column and using the edit pencil. 

Note: this change will impact your location everywhere throughout the schedule. 

Once a shift is created, the location can't be changed for an individual shift. If you've made a mistake and no one has yet been assigned the shift, you can delete the shift and start over. If someone is already assigned, you will need to cancel the shift and then delete and manually assign that person to a new shift with updated location.

How do I update the Role or Assignment name for a shift?
This is straightforward, but needs to be done at a top level. If you are in an Event Schedule, you can click the Roles button in the toolbar and edit directly using the edit pencil. 

To edit an Assignment name, you will need to go to Organize tab in the navigation and open the desired Assignment. 

Click on the Details tab and you will see a way to edit the name and save. You can also manage Event Roles from the Recruit tab, edit and save rather than within a schedule view. 

Note: any changes you make will impact everywhere the Assignment or Role is used.

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