This feature is available on Premium and Growth plans.

How to Create a Repeating Shift

Planning a multi-day event and the shift you're adding will repeat on other days? Building an ongoing volunteer schedule? It's quick and easy with the repeating shifts feature.

Once you've updated your Event Roles or Assignments and Locations, you're ready to start adding shifts to your schedule. In the the toolbar of the Schedule tab from within your Event or Assignment Schedule, look for the Add Shift button.

It will open up to a Shift modal where you can set the parameters. To create a recurring shift, select the dropdown from the 'Repeat' section. You have a number of options when creating a repeating shift series. The most important thing to consider is how you wish to assign these shifts to a volunteer. 

For example, if you plan to have someone volunteer every Monday at the same time - you will want to create a shift in that exact pattern (or shift series). While creating a shift everyday at the same time is super fast initially, it may hinder how quickly you can assign volunteers to their preferred days. So create that repeating shift first and then press Create and Add Another to do another shift series on another day that corresponds with a natural rhythm that people would volunteer.

Set a Custom Repeating Shift Series

To create a more complicated shift series pattern, such as 'every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday running for six weeks', select the Custom option from the dropdown when creating a shift. The options are endless. 

How Repeating Shifts Appear on a Schedule

On the schedule, repeating shifts have a grey icon to identify them from other individual shifts. 

Volunteers will not see a repeating icon or know the shift they are signing up for via the Hub is part of a shift series. While the shift repeats, different people can sign up or be assigned to it at different times. In other words, it is not strictly an ongoing shift, where one person has the same shift every day, week, or month. Admins are able to assign a volunteer to a shift series. You may wish to update your Volunteer Notice, instructions on the signup page, or if it's a one-off, maybe use the Optional Reference text in a shift series.

Assigning a Volunteer to a Shift Series

If you wish to assign someone to the shift series, you can do so by clicking on the shift from within the schedule, and pressing the Assign People button. 

Once you've selected a volunteer, you will notice at the bottom of the assign modal a dropdown to switch between Just This Shift and Entire Series

If you are unsure what the Shift Series involves, look to the left hand side of the Assign modal and it will tell you. 

Extending an Assignment Schedule

If you are using repeating shifts within Assignment scheduling and plan to extend your schedule beyond the one week/month/quarter, make sure you have created your repeating shifts end date far into the future before extending a schedule. Once you've extended a schedule, you are unable to go back and change the dates or end date of the shift series. Assignment schedules are standalone schedules that are chained together, so they essentially duplicate the pattern onto the next schedule only. By extending an Assignment Schedule, you are essentially revealing those shifts that were always there. 

Can I turn a regular shift into a repeating shift?

No, you will need to create a new shift and set it to repeat.

A volunteer I assigned to a shift series (ie. every Monday) can no longer make it, is there a way to remove them from all these shifts at once?

Unfortunately not. The volunteer will need to go into their Hub and use the dropdown arrow to cancel on each shift they are confirmed for. Or an admin can manually decline/cancel them one-by-one by clicking on the shift within the schedule, or opening their profile card to the Activity tab.

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