Once you've imported a list of volunteers and set up your hub, you are now ready to invite your volunteers to create an account. You can do this easily by using the 'Invite' button in Community.

There are two kinds of invitations that you can send from the Community tab in Timecounts:

1) Invite to Community Hub. Volunteers will receive an email with a button linked to your Community Hub. From there, volunteers may click the 'Join Us' button in your Hub to sign up. Volunteers who signup through your Join Us form or your opportunities will be asked to create an account.

2) Invite to Create an Account. This email invite contains a button link and will immediately prompt the volunteer to create a password to confirm their account.

To send an invitation, click the 'Invite' dropdown in Community. You can customize the message before it's sent.

Note that you can filter your community directory to only send to a certain group of people if you wish to invite in batches.

The email looks like this:

The 'Visit Hub' button takes the volunteer to the main page of your Community Hub, where they can click the 'Join Us' button to sign up, or apply for your published events and assignment applications.

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