The Hub has a visual editor - what you see is what you get! To change any of the text blocks in the Hub, just click and type to replace the text. You can upload, reposition, and resize images, and choose your own theme colours.

  1. Choose your colour theme. Click Theme at the top of the Hub in edit mode to choose your Hub's colours. You can select one of our Timecounts themes, or create a custom theme. To choose custom colours, first select the Custom option, then click on each colour to change it. Enter colour codes, or pick from a colour wheel. 

2. Upload photos. We recommend uploading a photo at least 1400px wide for your Hub banner image. We find the photos that work best don't compete with your header text. This means looking for images that aren't too busy and bright, with a subject/focus towards the right side of the image. Once uploaded, you can zoom or crop the image using the resize slider, and click and drag the image to reposition it. 

Need help finding high-quality images? Try Unsplash - it's a free stock photography website. You can easily search to find general photographs relevant to your organization's focus.

Here are some great examples:

4. Add a header call-to-action and description. Tell potential volunteers what they need to do and why with a compelling call-to-action in your header. 'Join our Volunteer Community', 'Volunteer for us', 'Make an impact with your time', are all good examples. Enter a brief description to back-up your call-to-action.

5. Use Action Icons to direct potential volunteers. Click on the action icons to choose from a library of icons and suggested text. Once you've selected an icon, you can edit the title and descriptive text by clicking in the text box. Click 'Edit link' above each icon to add a link to another Hub page, a published opportunity, or a custom URL.

6. Add a testimonial. Share a quotation from a current volunteer, staff, or board member that speaks to the impact and value of your volunteer program. Upload a portrait photo, and type to enter text. You can also choose to upload a background image for the testimonial section, or keep the patterned background. 

7. Enter your mission statement. This is where you can provide an official description of your organization and the work you do. 

8. Use the Hub content blocks to tell the story of your volunteer program. You may want to include sections such as:

  • How we work

  • How you can get involved

  • The application process

  • Volunteer requirements

  • What to expect

  • Volunteer benefits

  • Program information

Add additional content blocks by scrolling down to the bottom of the Hub page. You'll see options to add five different content block types: text, image, text and image, tiles (with image and/or link), and additional testimonial quotations. Use the tools at the top of each content block to rearrange blocks and toggle column numbers. 

9. Add organization contact information to your footer.

To edit and add contact information, go to Settings in the main navigation, and open the Organization Info tab. Select the box 'Show on Hub' to publicly display the field in your Hub footer.

Can I change the font colour on my hub?
No, we do not currently allow font colours to be changed throughout the hub. This is for consistency and to ensure opportunities will look good throughout as not everyone is a designer. If you are having trouble seeing the white font within a header because the background of your image is lighter, try using the gradient checkbox when you are editing as this will darken the background and make the title stand out more, or move the image around by dragging it into place. 

I am not ready to publish my hub, can I put it back to draft mode?
Unless you share the link or invite people to your hub, no one will see it. Once you save your changes on the hub it will update to a published state. We currently do not have a way to put into draft mode or hide the hub, it is something we will prioritize once we give more public options to search for organizations in future. 

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