What is the Hub?

The Hub is your volunteer portal. It's where people learn how to get involved and apply for opportunities. Volunteers can login with either a Timecounts account or a Facebook account to gain access to their activities and schedule. 

Let's learn about the different sections of your Hub:

ABOUT: This is the main landing page a new volunteer will see and you can customize it to your organization's brand by changing colours, adding sections and photos. There are two call to action buttons: Join (which links to the General Signup Form) and Sign In. 

HOME: Once a volunteer has been added or approved into your Community Directory and has logged in with a Timecounts account, they will see a new default view called Home. This is where volunteers will see their upcoming commitments, any documents you've published to the Resources tab and an overview of their total volunteer hours. 

OPPORTUNITIES: The Events, Assignments and Available Shifts you create and publish will appear in the Opportunities section of the Hub for signup. 

FAQ: If you are on the Premium or Growth plan, you can create a Frequently Asked Questions section in the hub. This is a great way to communicate to new and current volunteers.

Hub Footer

You can turn on customize a footer for the bottom of your Hub. The footer will appear at the bottom of all your opportunities as well, so volunteers always know how to reach you with the Contact Us button, address, phone and any social media links.

You can activate your footer under Settings / General and using the checkbox next to each section and pressing Save. You may wish to use the theme colour picker to select the right colour for your footer so it stands out.

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