When a new volunteer (or a volunteer who is not logged in) completes one of your forms, they will be asked to verify their form response after signing up. 

To verify their submission, all the volunteer has to do is click the 'Verify Me' button in the email Timecounts automatically sends once they've submitted the form.

If the volunteer who signed up wasn’t logged in and didn’t verify their email after applying, it’s considered an unverified submission.

Timecounts can only automatically accept verified applications, to protect you from spam.

All general responses to forms (submitted when you share a form URL with your volunteers, instead of an activity signup) are automatically accepted by Timecounts once verified. With activity sign ups, you can decide if you want to automatically accept applications in the Details > Permissions tab of your activity.

Regardless of whether or not you set your activities to auto-accept applications, you may open up the Volunteers or Pipeline tab to see that you have ‘unverified’ form responses.

To manage review unverified submissions, click the link at the bottom of the Pipeline dropdown. This takes you to the 'Unverified' tab of your chosen signup form. All unverified responses for that signup form will be listed in one place. 

 You will need to either manually verify them or delete the submissions. An application may be unverified because a volunteer mistyped their email, or forgot to check their email for the verification link. As long as the application looks valid to you and you'd like to add the person to your database, we recommend that you verify it.

Once you’ve reviewed and verified these applications, they will appear in the Pending Applications section of your activity.

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