When people are ready to volunteer with your organization on Timecounts, they may come in via the Join Us button or sign up directly for an Opportunity. Before they can complete a form or pick their shifts, they will be prompted to Sign In, or if they do not have a Timecounts account, they will need to create one. 

This is the view after clicking the Join Us button. You will notice the form behind the sign in screen. Volunteers can choose to sign in with Facebook, but keep in mind that the email they use to create their account or login must match what appears in the Community Directory or it will not be linked to their profile in your Organization. 

If the person needs to create a Timecounts account, this is what the screen looks like. They will need to enter their First and Last name, Email, and create a Password. The Timecounts account can be used across multiple organizations to volunteer.

Creating an account will not interrupt the signup flow for an organization, the applicant will be redirected to the form to complete and continue. They will still need to verify their email as a final step, but we delay that confirmation email by two minutes so it does not distract.

You will notice that the name field at the top of the form is now replaced with the first name from the Timecounts account. This will allow you to fast track signups that are asking for the same information. Should you wish to edit the information you can expand to see the full form at the top right corner.

Once you've completed your form or signup, you'll see another success screen letting you know that you have one step left: check your inbox to verify your email. 

You will only need to verify your email once by clicking on the link.

After you've verified your email, your Timecounts account is active and ready to go! You can now Sign In.

When you Sign In as a volunteer, you may be taken to the My Organizations view. This view is simply a list view of all the Organizations you are associated to. If you are a volunteer, click on Go to Hub.

It will take you back to your Hub with a new default view called Home. If you do not see Home, or have full access to the Hub, it may be because your application is still pending review. You'll receive an email once an admin has approved it.

If you have any questions, please contact the Organization directly. You can find a Contact Us button in the footer of every page.

Note: A volunteer is identified by their email address. If someone is signing up under the same name and multiple email addresses, they will show up more than once. 

I have volunteers that do not have an email address, how can I use Timecounts?

We understand that there may be volunteers that do not have their own email address. As an email is required to create a profile in the Community Directory, you can manually create a placeholder email which will allow you to schedule them and update their profile. If anything changes and they decide to get an email, you can simply update the email field using the edit pencil in the profile card.
Learn more about adding people without an email address.

Do all volunteers need to create a Timecounts account?

If a volunteer wishes to sign up for Opportunities in the Hub they will be required to create an account. There is a workaround if you wish to import them and manually assign them to an opportunity as an admin. They will still receive the email reminders for upcoming shifts, they just won't be able to login and view or signup on their own. 

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