In addition to imports, people are added to your community when they fill out forms. 

Whenever someone completes one of your forms, you have the option to either delete the submission or store that person in your community. Even if someone is not a good fit for the role or event they applied for, it's a good idea to store them. They had enough interest in your community or organization to signup, so they could be your next volunteer, advocate, or donor!

We also recommend that you store all new form submissions from people already in your community database, to keep contact information up to date.

Note that new people who fill out a form will be sent an email to verify their submission.

Forms linked to Activities

If you've linked your form to an activity, form responses will be listed in the Volunteers or Pipeline tab of that activity. To review and accept responses, open the activity in the Organize tab.

General Forms

General forms are forms that you've created that are not linked to an assignment application, event, or gathering. You'll find the responses for those forms in the Forms tab. All verified responses are automatically accepted. If new volunteers don't verify their email after they submit a response, their response will be unverified. You will need to manually verify these responses in order for them to be stored in your database.

Reviewing Unverified Form Responses

An application may be unverified because a volunteer mistyped their email, or forgot to check their email for the verification link. As long as the application looks valid to you and you'd like to add the person to your database, we recommend that you verify it.

If your form is linked to an activity, once you’ve reviewed and verified these applications, they will appear in the Pending Applications section of your activity.

Reviewing Verified Responses

Once submissions are verified, you can always return to the 'Verified' section of your form responses to search and review responses. Alternatively, if you only need to see one volunteer's answers, you can access stored submissions at any time in their profile card, under the 'Forms' tab.

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