In addition to imports, people are added to your community when they fill out forms. 

General form submissions (filled out by a volunteer when you share a form URL with them, instead of an activity signup), are automatically accepted as soon as the volunteer verifies their email. For activity signups, you can choose whether you'd like Timecounts to 'Auto-Accept' applications, or whether you'd like to manually review and approve them.

Saved Form Responses

Form responses are saved to each volunteer's profile card. The volunteer's answers to your form are kept in the 'Forms' tab of their profile card. You can also review all stored submissions for a form by navigating to the 'Verified' tab of the Form's Responses section.

Database Fields

All answers to Database fields (such as contact information, availability, and experience), automatically appear on the front of the profile card. All database fields are updated with new form submissions. So if someone was already in your community and provides a new address in their form response, the new address will replace the old address in their profile card.

Standard Fields

Answers to Standard fields (like text answers, multiple choice, or dropdown selections) are viewable in the 'Forms' tab of the profile card.

Tags and Skills

If you are on the Premium plan and you linked tags to checkbox or multiple choice answers or asked for a volunteer's skills, these will automatically be applied to that person as soon as you accept their form submission. You can review tags and skills on the front of the profile card.

Learn more about using tags with checkbox or multiple choice answers.

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