Do you find yourself typing the same message again and again to volunteers, or copying and pasting text and inserting it into an email? Then you're going to love Templates

Also known as canned responses, Templates allow you to type copy and then save it to insert into future messages or add to Assignment applications. We will be extending the Template feature throughout Timecounts soon.

Creating a New Template Message

Go ahead and open as a New Message and start typing, or insert the copy you wish to save as a Template. When you're finished, click the blue text above the Submit button that says Save as a Template. 

This will open up a new window where you will see your copy and be able to edit.

Tip: To merge in a volunteer's first name, use type *|FNAME|*.

Inserting a Template into a Message

Once you have your Templates ready, the next time you go to send a message - you can click on Saved Templates and it will show you the Subject Line and first part of the body of the Template message. If you click on it, it will simply insert directly into the Message. If you add a second Template, it will insert itself right after that copy. This allows some flexibility, so you can modify right in the email if you wish, rather than editing the Template for minor changes.

When you select a Saved Template, the text will add on to any text that is already in the message box.

Editing a Template

To make changes to a Template, you will want to click Saved Templates and scroll to the Add or Edit Saved Templates button. From there you can select the Template you wish to edit and press the Done button.

Saved templates are accessible in all messaging locations throughout Timecounts. You'll also notice Saved Templates in some content text boxes, such as event descriptions, assignment descriptions, and form or activity Thank You messages.

Deleting a Template

To Delete a Template, click on Saved Templates from within a Message view and scroll to the bottom where it says 'Add or Edit Saved Templates'. From there, it will display a list of your Saved Templates and if you click on one it will show a Delete button bottom right corner.


Messages sent from Timecounts do not display the personal details of an admin to the volunteers. It will only show the name of the organization. However, you may wish to personalize outgoing emails with a Signature. The quickest way to do this is the create a Signature Template. It's found at the bottom of a New Message view and works just like Templates.

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