What is a Pipeline in Assignments?

Each assignment you create has a Pipeline tab where you can review incoming assignment applications and manually add volunteers from your Directory to the Pending or Qualified state. To view a full list of Qualified volunteers, simply select the Pending Applications title at the top and it will reveal a dropdown to switch views.

Why do I need to Qualify Volunteers for an Assignment?

A Qualified volunteer is someone you have approved, or manually added to that assignment. Unlike Events, when you schedule a volunteer for an Assignment it tends to be because they are available on an ongoing basis - so they don't need to continue to apply again and again. When a volunteer is qualified that means they will be able to see and signup immediately for any Available Shifts in the hub.

It makes it a lot easier when managing an ongoing weekly or monthly schedule, just to announce to a certain group of people that they can come and pick their shifts. 

If you open the profile card for someone you have qualified for an Assignment, you will notice this appearing on the Qualifications tab. It will continue to keep a record, like a CV of their Assignments so you can always see the status of a volunteer.

Managing a Pipeline

To qualify someone who has submitted an application, select the checkbox beside their name and click 'Qualify' in the toolbar. You can also click the big 'Qualify' button beside their name. 

The Pipeline tab by default opens to 'Pending Applications'. To change your view, click the Pending Applications dropdown at the top to see all options.

To manually qualify someone who is already in your community database for an assignment, select Qualified in the dropdown. Click the 'Add' button and type in the box to bring up their name. You can select more than one person at once, by either typing to enter their names or choosing people from the Community Directory. 

Qualified volunteers will require a Timecounts account to be able to log in and signup for assignment shifts. You can send an invitation to create a Timecounts account in Community.

Note: Volunteers will receive an automatic notification that they have been qualified for an assignment, giving them a link to where they will find available schedules in the hub.

Unqualify or Remove People from Assignments

When someone is given an assignment, Timecounts considers that person 'Qualified'. If you'd like to remove this designation and permission, you will need to open the assignment, go to the Qualified section of the Pipeline tab, select the person, and click 'Unqualify' in the toolbar. 

In the Unqualify window, you'll be asked to select a reason why you're removing the volunteer from the assignment. You can choose a reason from the dropdown, or select 'Custom' to add your own reason.  

While unqualifying, you can choose to send a personal email to the volunteer to notify them of this change.

Manually Adding People an Assignment

If you click 'Add People to Assignment' when creating your assignment (or would like to do this now that you've published the application) you'll go to the 'Pipeline' tab of your assignment. 

Click the Pending Applications dropdown to go to the Qualified section.

Click the 'Add' button in the toolbar to manually add and qualify people for this assignment who are already in your community database.

Once qualified, volunteers will need to create a Timecounts account in order to log in, go to the 'My Activities' tab in your hub, and signup for assignment shifts.

But don't worry, Timecounts will prompt your assignment volunteers to create accounts. When you publish an assignment schedule, you'll be asked if you want to notify all volunteers who are qualified for the assignments in the schedule. The notification email lets your volunteers know that there are shifts available for signup, and includes a button to login or create an account.  

By default, the Pipeline tab opens to Pending Applications. To see all Qualified volunteers, select the Pending Applications dropdown at the top of the screen and choose Qualified.

If all you want to do is flag certain volunteers in your database with an assignment, you can create an assignment and add them to the qualified list in the Pipeline tab. They'll appear in your Community Directory with that assignment.

Is there any way in assignments that the person doesn't need to fill out a form and can be automatically accepted to the assignment?

You can manually qualify them, or set up a new form with just name and email, then set permissions in the assignment application details tab to auto-accept. This is the quickest way to accept from signup.

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