Once you've published your Hub and customized the General Signup Form that links to the Join Us button - you are ready to recruit and invite volunteers! You may also wish to first post some Opportunities that volunteers can sign up to right away. 

How volunteers interact with your organization through Timecounts will depend on how you're recruiting or inviting volunteers. For example, you could be importing existing volunteers then sending invitations, or decide to share a link to the hub or an event. However you invite or recruit volunteers, the basic flow and volunteer experience remains the same.

This article lists the different touchpoints volunteers experience using Timecounts.

Volunteer Hub

The Hub is where people can learn about your volunteer program, sign up and apply for opportunities. Once volunteers have signed up they will have a Timecounts account, giving them a way to manage their upcoming commitments. 

The first time a volunteer visits your Hub they will see the About section with two main call to action buttons to Join Us or Sign In. If you have posted public Opportunities, they can also click there and signup via an Event or Assignment first. 

Account Creation and Email Verification

Once a person is ready to volunteer and sign up via your Timecounts Hub, they will be prompted to Sign In or if they are new, they will need to first Create a Timecounts Account. As part of this login is the email verification to ensure they are receiving communication from your Organization and more importantly are not spam. Having an account makes sign up a lot faster and smarter.
Learn more about Understanding the Volunteer Login.

Volunteer Profile Settings

The volunteer navigation has two icons - one for My Organizations, and one for Profile Settings. The Profile Settings tab is where volunteers can update their basic contact information, password, photo, availability, and email. 

My Organizations

When volunteers are logged in, they can click on the My Organizations icon in their navigation to access the page. A Timecounts user account can be linked to many different organizations. Volunteers will see your organization in their Organizations' list once you've approved them and/or added them to your Community Directory. If they've used their Timecounts account to volunteer with more than one organization, they will see them listed here. 

Each organization listed in the My Organizations tab has a link to open the Hub for that organization. Admins of organizations will see an additional button here for each organization that they're attached to, to go to the Dashboard.

Home View

When a logged-in volunteer clicks to open your Hub from My Organizations, they will jump right to the Home tab of your hub. This will show all of the volunteer's upcoming commitments, as well as a count of activities they've participated in, and all hours they've been credited for. Volunteers can click on any shift or event to see the location in a map, or cancel the commitment. 

Unless a volunteer is logged in and approved by an Organization, the Home section will not appear. 

Any Events, Applications or Available Shifts will appear on the Opportunities Section.

Still have questions? Check out the Volunteer Experience FAQ

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