Your community or organization's information appears in the footer of your Community Hub, at the bottom of emails, and in links from SMS texts.

To complete or edit your organization's information, click on 'Settings' in the main navigation.


Under the Hub and Members tab you can change your Community name and mission, which will display in the Hub.

You're also given the option to choose a different form for your General Interest signup form, which volunteers will fill out if they click the 'Join Us' button in your Hub.

Lastly, you can set whether submissions to your General Interest signup form should be automatically accepted.

In the Organization Info tab, you'll need to enter the full street address (with zipcode) of your organization, a contact email, phone number, website link, and any relevant social media links. To send email and SMS messages in Timecounts you must have at least the street address, email, and phone filled out (to comply with anti-SPAM regulation).

You can decide which pieces of information you would like to publicly appear in your Community Hub footer, by selecting the checkbox 'Show on Hub' for each. 

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