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All admins share the same permissions and visibility when signed into your organization, except for the 'owner' who is able to change billing details and invite other admins.

It is important for security and privacy reasons not to share user accounts. It allows you to control who has access to what information in your organization and should you need to restrict access to someone, that can be done very simply under Settings. 

Timecounts is designed so volunteers will never see your personal email unless you choose to post it directly on your hub. Messages are sent from your organization, not an actual person. If you wish to personalize outgoing communication you can add a signature to the message. We do this to allow for a shared team inbox, which means that emails and SMS never get lost in someone's email. Everything is transparent, allowing for easy delegation across the organization. Timecounts also make notes and newsfeed items, so you are able to see who in your organization is creating events and updating information.

It is also helpful for the Timecounts team to know who they are speaking with on the help center chat to troubleshoot and provide a great onboarding experience for new people.

Plan Limits for Admins

Timecounts really shines when you can collaborate with others and delegate administrative responsibilities. 

  • Free plans can have 1 admin

  • Essential plans can have 3 admins

  • Premium up to 10 admins

  • Growth up to 25 admins

If your organization requires more than 25 admins please contact us at support@timecounts.org to discuss your requirements.

Inviting Admins

Adding additional admins can impact your subscription, so it is the responsibility of the account 'owner' to send out invites to new admins. You can find Settings by clicking the bottom left corner and going to the Admins tab. The 'owner' of the account will see a search bar at the top if they are able to add more admins. If the person they wish to invite is already in the Community directory, they can start typing their name and it should come up as an option. If the new admins are not yet a part of the Community, this is the one place you are able to enter in an email directly to invite them. Once they accept, make sure you opt them into email and SMS and update details in their profile card as this is a quick option. 

If you type in or paste an email and don't see the button highlight, try adding a space or comma after it and that should do the trick. Once you confirm, that person will receive an email with instructions to create a Timecounts account and accept your invitation.

Removing an Admin

If an admin has left the organization, or you no longer wish to extend someone admin permissions, you can remove them as admin and just make them a general member.

The 'owner' of your account will need to login and go to the Settings bottom left corner and the Admins tab. They will see blue text next to the person's name, if they press that it will immediately remove their access. Unless you delete them from the Community, they will still remain a general member. 

If you are on the free plan and require a transfer of ownership, please contact support@timecounts.org to message through the in-app customer support to put in a request.

Transferring Ownership of an Organization

The 'Owner' admin is the manager of the account. The Owner gets access to billing and inviting admins. Only the Owner can transfer account ownership to another admin. When the Owner logs in they will see the option to 'Transfer Ownership' beside the names of other Admin tab in Settings. To transfer ownership, the person you would like to transfer ownership to must be an active admin first. Active means that they need to have signed in at least once. To transfer, simply click the button next to the person you wish to transfer to and they will be alerted and you will move to normal admin status.

To transfer ownership to someone who is not currently an Admin for your organization, you will first need to send them an invitation to become an admin. They will need to create their Timecounts account with the link they receive in their invitation email and accept the admin invitation when they log in. Once they've done so, the Owner can log in and select 'Transfer Ownership' beside their name on the Permissions page.

Is there a way for admins to have different levels of permissions?
No, we do not currently segment permissions like read-only or access to only an event for admins. All admins share the same access except for the owner of the account who manages the billing and inviting admins as that impacts your plan limits.

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