Once you've created, published, and shared a gathering, you will hopefully start to receive an onslaught of signups! Signups will appear in the 'Volunteers' tab of your gathering. 

If you see a notification in the top right corner of your gathering telling you that you have Unverified Submissions, you will need to manually verify the submissions before you can confirm them for the gathering.

People who appear with a 'NEW' icon beside their name are brand new to your community database!

If you've set your gathering to manually review applications, then the first step is to click on each new name to open their form response. You can accept or delete them from their profile card. You can also accept people into your database and confirm them for the event by selecting the box beside their name and click the 'Accept' icon in the toolbar. 

If your gathering is set to auto-accept applications, you will still have to manually accept unverified signups, to protect against spam. A signup is unverified if that person was not logged-in to a Timecounts account when they submitted their signup, and did not verify their email after signing up.

Everyone you accept is added to your community database and moved into the 'Confirmed' column. If you set a maximum number of participants in your event settings (edit settings in the 'Details' tab), the Waitlist will automatically start once you've reached the maximum in your Confirmed list. For example, if you have 50 responses and only 25 spots, you can select all 50 and accept them at once. Only the first 25 people will be added to the confirmed column - the rest will be added to the waitlist. 

Once you've accepted all responses, the column will disappear. It will reappear if you have any new responses.

Once someone has been added to your database and either Confirmed, Waitlisted, or Declined, you can click on their name to pull up their full profile card. You can also manually add people to your event from your database. Click the 'Add People' button, and type in their names or search for them in the community directory by tag.

All volunteer status changes (for example, when someone is confirmed, or put on the waitlist) save to the Status Updates tab, where you can choose to notify volunteers of the update.

The Volunteers tab is also where you can manage communications for your event. Select everyone in a column and click the 'Message' button to send a group email or SMS. Send a reminder email about the event using the 'Remind' button. And use the status buttons ('Confirm', 'Waitlist', 'Decline') to reorganize your volunteer list. 

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