On of the most powerful aspects of Timecounts is the ability to group and organize contacts according to your needs. Our flexible tagging and saved search systems give you the tools to message, invite, schedule, and track groups of people by whatever metrics you are interested in.

You can add tags throughout Timecounts, including:

  • with imported spreadsheets
  • in the Community view
  • in the profile card
  • in the 'Stored' tab of form responses and applications

Who should you tag?

The beauty of the Timecounts tagging system is that it is completely flexible. You could tag star volunteers ('star'), prospective members who need an interview ('needs interview'), people who are interested in helping in your office ('office help'), team leads in different regions ('team leads'), and everyone coming to your event who said they wanted cheese pizza ('cheese pizza'). Make the tagging system work for you!

Creating tags

You can create tags in the Community view, by either opening the 'Tags' tab (click on the 'Tags' button in the toolbar), or in the 'Tag People' dropdown.

Using the 'add tag' dropdown, you tag people with multiple tags. The dropdown will populate with the tags you've selected for you to review. When ready to apply tags, click 'Apply selected'


Importing Tags

When you import a spreadsheet, you can choose or create a tag to associate with that group of people. 

You can also import or add multiple tags to group people who are already in your community. Simply break groups up into separate spreadsheets. Create one spreadsheet of email addresses for each group of people you would like to tag (for example, the email addresses of people who were invited to last year's gala,). If you have some people in the sheet who are not yet in your database, you will want to add additional columns for important information like email, phone, and address. If everyone in the sheet is already in your community, you only need the Email column. When you import your new sheet, select or create the tag you would like to associate with that group (for example, 'Invited to Gala 2014'). Because those emails are already in your community, their records will be unchanged except for the addition of the new tag. Repeat with new tags and new lists of emails as often as needed!


Finding Tags

To review and manage your tags, and to quickly search volunteers by tag, click the 'Tags' button on the left side of the toolbar in Community. It will open the Tags tab.

Select a tag to see everyone who has that tag. To change the name of a tag or delete a tag, select it and click the pencil icon to edit and the 'x' to delete.

Tags in the Profile Card

When you tag a volunteer, their tag appears on the front of their profile card. You can delete and add additional tags directly on the profile card.

Using Tags

Tags are incredibly useful for managing segments of your community. You can use tags for:

Bulk Actions

Send a message, send an invitation, credit time, or add notes to everyone with a certain tag.

Group Filters

Use tags as windows into your community. Review your tagged groups in the 'Tag' tab, or include tagged groups in advanced filters.


Use tags as a checklist to keep track of volunteer status, by tagging people as they apply for positions, receive interviews, or submit background checks.

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