You can create tags in the Community view, in the 'Tags' tab (open with the Tags button on the left of the toolbar), or with the 'Tag People' button.

To mass add tags, check everyone who requires a tag, and select the 'Tag People' button in the toolbar.

Using the 'Tag People' dropdown, you can add more than one tag at once. The dropdown will populate with the tags you've selected for you to review. When ready to apply tags, click 'Apply selected'

Removing Tags

Remove tags from individuals in their profile card. Select the red 'x' beside the tag to remove it.

To bulk remove tags:

  • Open the 'Tags' tab in Community
  • Select the tag you would like to remove to see everyone who has that tag
  • Select everyone who needs the tag removed
  • Click 'More' in the toolbar at the top of the screen to find the 'Remove tag' button.

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