Is one of your contacts a member of a band? Is the woman who worked coat check for a fundraising event last year a lawyer? Do you have a student volunteer who is amazing at graphic design? Timecounts lets the diverse skills and attributes of your community shine, so you know who to turn to the next time you need musicians for an event, or help with your website. 

In addition to technical, creative, professional, and practical skills, the Timecounts skills library also contains many popular attributes, such as 'people person' or 'tech savvy'. We know that this kind of knowledge makes a big difference when assigning roles and tasks.

Adding Skills

You can find a volunteer's skills in the profile card. Skills appear if a contact has filled out a form you've created with a skills field in it. Contacts check off in a form that they have one or more skills that you've specified, and once you accept their form submission, their skills automatically appear in their profile card.

Validated Skills

Skills are also added to a contacts' profile if they are credited for a role that has skills attached to it.

Click on the 'Roles' button in your event schedule toolbar to bring up your list of roles. Edit a role (by clicking the edit pencil) to attach skills to it. 

When a volunteer completes a shift, and you credit that volunteer for the shift, their new skills will appear on the front of their profile card. In the activity tab, it register these skills as Validated, so you know who has proven experience and qualities.

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