Everyone in your community directory has a profile card. The profile card keeps all of your contact data in one easy to find place. With the profile card, you're one click away from contact information, volunteer information, preferences, skills, availability, form responses, notes, and message history. 

You can pull up a volunteer's profile card in the Community view and almost everywhere else in Timecounts - just click on a volunteer's name.

Account Status

In the image above, you'll notice that the volunteer Brian Simpson has a blue checkmark on his image, and in his profile card, it says 'Registered'. This means that he has a Timecounts account, and can login to update his shifts, sign-up quickly for new opportunities, and see opportunities that you've restricted to logged-in volunteers. Since volunteers are given the option to create an account when they join your community or signup for opportunities, you'll start to see more and more 'registered' volunteers as you organize your activities.

Editing the Profile Card

Edit information and add fields to a profile card by clicking the pencil icon in the top right of the card.

Once in edit mode, all fields can be changed. Click on a field and type to make changes. If you'd like to add a new field, scroll to find the field type you're looking for, and click to add.

The field will open up with space for you to add required details. When finished, click 'Create Field' to save and add this information to the profile card.


Availability can be edited without entering edit mode - simply click the availability boxes. Availability is also automatically updated when your volunteers fill out a form you've created that contains the availability field.


Whenever a volunteer completes a form, their responses are logged in the profile card. If you want to review someone's answers to a signup question while you are scheduling shifts, just click on the volunteer's name in the schedule view to bring up the profile card.


Review volunteer hours and commitments in the Activity tab. See how many hours a volunteer has worked so far, and which shifts and events they have coming up. You can also manage individual shifts in the Activity tab by clicking on them.

When a volunteer has an event that 'Needs Wrap Up' on their profile card, it means they have one or more shifts that haven't been credited yet OR the event hasn't yet been marked as 'complete'. You can credit shifts with the 'Credit' button at the top of the Activity tab, with the 'Credit Time' button in the Community Toolbar, or by going to the 'Credit' tab of that event. Mark the event as 'complete' by navigating to that event's dashboard, and changing the status of the event in the top left corner from 'Published' to 'Complete'.

Validated skills are also summarized on the Activity tab of the profile card.


Quickly see your message history with a contact in the Messages tab of the profile card. All emails and SMS texts sent through Timecounts are logged here and in your Team Inbox. You can send messages and reply to messages straight from the profile card.

Send an email or SMS text by choosing either the envelope icon or phone icon. Messages sent in either format will continue the message thread, so you never lose track of who you've been in touch with.


Write and store internal notes about your contacts in the 'Notes' tab of the profile card. You can see who wrote each note and when. Click on a logged note to edit it.

Did a volunteer leave your organization or community? Write the reason in the note. Did someone give you valuable feedback? Keep track of their thoughts in a note. Notes help you ensure no information is lost.

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