Review volunteer hours and commitments in the Activity tab. See how many hours a volunteer has worked so far, and which shifts and events they have coming up. You can also manage individual shifts in the Activity tab by clicking on them to change their status. You can confirm shifts, waitlist shifts, and see all of a volunteer's requested availability.

When a volunteer has an event or schedule that 'Needs Wrap Up' on their profile card, it means they have one or more shifts that haven't been credited yet OR the activity hasn't yet been marked as 'complete'. You can credit shifts with the 'Credit' button at the top of the Activity tab, with the 'Credit Time' button in the Community Toolbar, or by going to the 'Credit' tab of that activity. Mark the activity as 'complete' by navigating to that activity's dashboard or schedule, and changing the status in the top left corner from 'Published' to 'Complete'.

Validated skills are also summarized on the Activity tab of the profile card.

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