Timecounts has 'Export' buttons throughout the platform to give you flexibility and control of your data. Exports are emailed as CSV files to the owner of your Timecounts account. 

It's important to note that only the 'owner' of your account is able to export. All other admins will not see the export button in the toolbar. To check admin permissions, go to your Settings and click the 'Permissions' tab. The owner can transfer their ownership to any other admin.

Exporting Volunteers

To export volunteer lists, first filter your community to display the list of volunteers you're interested in. Timecounts will export everyone in your filter. Select 'More' in the toolbar, and then click Export.

What is exported from Community:

First Name, Last Name
Full Address
Phone Number
Opt-in Dates
Total Hours Credited 

Exporting Form Responses

To export form responses, click on your form on the Forms page. Select 'Responses' and then select the 'Verified' tab at the top of the page. You will see a list of all saved responses to your form. Clicking the Export button will export all stored responses - there is no need to select them first.

Exporting Schedules

To export shifts and schedules for an event, navigate to the People view of your event schedule, and select the 'Export' button in the toolbar.

What is exported from the event schedule:

Shift Name
Shift Time
Shift Status (Confirmed, Waitlist, etc)  
First Name, Last Name


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