When you enter your organization as an admin, you will be directed to the Dashboard view. The Dashboard is your command central for Timecounts. It's where you will start to see new signups appear and important tasks to complete.

When you setup your account for the first time, you will see a few prompts to get started. All organizations have a volunteer portal, or Hub as we call it. That's a great place to start. Next, you're going to want to take a look at the General Sign up form as that's linked to the 'Join Us' button on your Hub. The last prompt is for you to create your first Opportunity, so you have something for volunteers to see when they visit your Hub.

The Dashboard has a few key areas to make note of, the most important being Tasks that will begin to appear once people start to signup. 

When you click on a Task it will expand to provide you additional information, allowing you to jump right to that area of Timecounts to action it.

Applications to Review: these include New Member applications and Assignment applications.

Recent Signups: these are Form Responses that have come in. Simply click on one of the responses to clear this task from the Dashboard.

Notifications to Send: these are pending changes you made manually to the schedule where you need to trigger an auto-notification to go out to update volunteers. 

Shift Requests to Review: shift and event sign ups that require your approval before confirming will appear here.

Credit Time to People: Opportunities that are scheduled within Timecounts automatically convert into a pending time credit after the end time. This will take you to the Track tab to quickly approve or edit volunteer time.

Once you complete the Tasks they will disappear from view completely.

Below the Tasks or in the middle section you will see a way to switch between the Newsfeed and Upcoming views.

The Upcoming view will show you who is scheduled that day or in the coming days/weeks. Click to expand to get additional information about the shift or event. 

The Newsfeed highlights activity within your organization like new events admins have created, volunteer signups, cancellations and other items. 

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