If you wish to add volunteer time to a person in your community directory that is not already calculated through Timecounts activities, you can do this by going to the 'Track' tab in the navigation.

From the Credit Time screen you will see a 'Log Time' button in the toolbar.

First, search for the person or people you wish to credit with volunteer time. Next, associate them with an activity. You will be able to search from events and schedules you've already created - this is helpful to quickly add someone who showed up to your event on the day that wasn't listed in your schedule.

If this is an activity that wasn't created in Timecounts, you can add a new one to associate the hours to. You will need to give it a name and a time frame - but it acts more like a tag so it can be displayed in the profile card and reporting. 

Once you've created an event/activity to associate the time to, you're ready to log the time.

Skills are fantastic to add and modify when you're crediting. For example, if someone completed an Usher shift that originally had 'Usher' and 'People Person' attached as skills, you could also add 'Leadership' if they were quick to rally their team when things got busy. 

Feedback is internal for now, but we have plans to make it visible to the volunteer. So we advise that you include feedback, but keep it positive, because one day your volunteers might be able to read it. 

You can check the activity tab of the profile card of the volunteer to make sure the time has been added.

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